ADVENTUROUS Snickerdoodle


Enjoy a sweet journey into the comforting aroma of freshly baked Snickerdoodle cookies, encapsulated in your coffee cup. Each sip is a heroic voyage where cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel goodness dance on your palate, creating a magical experience for coffee connoisseurs.

Available in 2 sizes: 12 oz & 5 lb

Texture: Ground
Size: 12 oz
Sale price$15.99

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What is a Medium Light Roast?

Medium light roast coffee beans provide a middle ground, or a balance, between lighter roasts and darker roasts. They balance acidity with body to create coffees that showcase both the flavor of the bean as well as the depth of a slightly darker roast profile. Medium light roasted beans are roasted somewhere between the first and second crack.

Medium light roast beans also typically produce the sweetest cups of coffee. When coffee beans are medium light roasted, the natural sugars in the beans have enough time to develop without burning or becoming bitter.


The origin of Snickerdoodle coffee is closely tied to the popular Snickerdoodle cookie, a type of sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar. The flavor combination of cinnamon and sugar in the cookie inspired Snickerdoodle-flavored coffee.

Snickerdoodle coffee typically features a blend of coffee beans flavored with cinnamon and sometimes notes of vanilla and sugar, mimicking the taste of the beloved Snickerdoodle cookie.

Snickerdoodle coffee is just one example of the creative ways in which coffee enthusiasts and businesses have sought to enhance the coffee-drinking experience by incorporating popular dessert flavors into their brews.

Our Gourmet ADVENTUROUS Snickerdoodle

Our Gourmet Coffee, created by coffee lovers, is crafted with 100% Arabica beans and responsibly sourced from coffee plantations around the world.

Embark on a hero's journey with every sip, as this medium roast coffee merges with the timeless charm of Snickerdoodle sweetness. Unleash your ADVENTUROUS taste buds! Crafted for explorers, this coffee blend elevates your coffee ritual, offering a flavor expedition fit for a legendary quest.

Adventure awaits in every cup. Try ADVENTUROUS - Snickerdoodle today and discover a new dimension of coffee indulgence. Life is too short for ordinary coffee; savor the extraordinary and embrace the hero within.


Gift Your Hero

Looking for the perfect gift for the heroes in your life? ADVENTUROUS - Snickerdoodle is a perfect gift! Share its thrill with your heroes. Heroes may be friends, family, colleagues, or complete strangers who made a difference in your life. Celebrate them with the gift of ADVENTUROUS - Snickerdoodle. With every cup they will enjoy a moment of your thanks and appreciation.