CHAMPION Breakfast Blend (De-Caf)

CHAMPION Breakfast
Blend (Decaf)

Medium Roast Decaf, sweet citrusy acidity with notes of vanilla, brown suger and chocolate.

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MAJESTIQUE French Roast (De-Caf)

Roast (Decaf)

Extra Dark Roast with full caramelization of natural sugars in the bean. Rich, bold and full bodied.

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The Mountain Water Process is a method used to decaffeinate coffee beans without the use of chemicals like traditional decaffeination processes. This method is also known as the Swiss Water Process, and it's considered a more natural and environmentally friendly approach to decaffeination.

This is the process used for HEROES.com DECAF Gourmet Coffees.

Here's an overview of the Mountain Water Process:

  • Green Coffee Soaking: The process begins with a batch of green (unroasted) coffee beans. These beans are soaked in water to create a green coffee extract.
  • Green Coffee Extract Filtration: The green coffee extract is passed through activated carbon filters. These filters are designed to capture and remove caffeine from the extract. The activated carbon is selective to caffeine, allowing other compounds that contribute to the coffee's flavor to remain in the extract.
  • Flavor Retention: The filtered green coffee extract, now containing the coffee flavor compounds without caffeine, is used to soak a new batch of green coffee beans. Since the extract already contains the flavor elements, only the caffeine is extracted from the fresh batch of beans, leaving the flavor intact.
  • Repetition: This process is repeated until the desired level of decaffeination is achieved. The Mountain Water Process is known for maintaining the coffee's original flavor profile more effectively compared to some chemical decaffeination methods.
  • Drying and Roasting: Once the decaffeination process is complete, the decaffeinated beans are dried and then roasted just like regular coffee beans.

The Swiss Water Process is certified organic and kosher, making it an attractive option for those who are concerned about the use of chemicals in decaffeination.

Decaffeinated coffee processed using the Mountain Water Process is widely available, and it is often labeled as such to appeal to consumers seeking a chemical-free decaffeination method.