About Us

HEROES.com is Products & people making a difference. Every Day.

Quality and Transparency is key to our products. We start with quality ingredients with excellent processing that produces the hiqhest quality of products. We use a highly reputable lab to test and certify our CBD products, and provide that Certificate of Information (COA) for each of our products.


Honor Your Hero with a Gift that Gives Back

Community is important to us. Recognizing those every day people who do extraordinary things, every day, is also important to us. Telling these stories and thanking your Hero with one of our products is a positive way of paying it forward. Plus, we give 5% of every purchase to the non-profit of your choice. You're helping your community and a non-profit group!

Celebrating and Supporting Everyday Heroes

Maybe it’s your job to help people. Nurses, Doctors, EMT’s, Firefighters, Police, all Armed Services members, Veterans, Teachers, and Parents, to name only a few, all impact our lives. Let's recognize those who've touched your lives in a positive way, thank them, and give you the opportunity to help others.

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