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At, YOU make a difference! You get to reach into our pocket and give our money to your selected non-profit organization.

When you purchase products, you'll be asked to select a non-profit organization that YOU want to help from hundreds available, when you checkout. will give 5% of your purchase to your chosen non-profit organization every time you purchase great products at 

You make a difference every time you purchase products. Please thank and recognize those Heroes in your life whose actions made a difference.

Thank Your Hero With One of Our CBD Products or Gourmet Coffees.

We want to help you to help others. You become a Hero for the non-profit organization of your choice. Thank you for making a difference with your purchase of products. YOU are the Hero.

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Thank your Hero with one of our CBD Products or Gourmet Coffees. Together, it's the little things we all do each day that make a positive difference in people's lives. Please tell us about the Hero in your life that made a difference for you.

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With each transaction, a portion of your spending directly supports the non-profit organization you select.

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We want to recognize people who do good in our world. Tell us about your hero or heroes. Let's be the positive force that creates change in our world.

Thank your hero with a gift.

Tell Us About Your HERO.

Who’s your Hero? We invite you to tell us your Hero story and share the positive impact Heroes have on our lives!

Please use the form below to share the story that made this person your Hero.

  • What happened and what actions did they take that made them a Hero in your eyes?
  • How did their actions affect your life or the lives of others?
  • Do you know this person?
  • Are they living today?

Please be as detailed as you wish.

Hero submissions are stories about your Hero. Each story provided will be reviewed for inclusion in our collection of Heroes stories.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story about an ordinary person’s actions that created an extraordinary moment in time, and lifelong memory, for you.