Heroes Naming

Heroes Naming

If you already have a web presence that you want to continue with but would like to run under the heroes.com domain, we have you covered!

We will set up our naming service so that <yoursitename>.heroes.com points to your server instead of one that we host and manage. We will also configure it so that mail for that site will point to a mail server you specify.

For the technically inclined who want details: we create a CNAME to the FQDN you specify as well as an MX record for that subdomain to the mail server you specify. Both records have TTL of 1 day.


– All we do is point the name to your servers. We do not provide any support or hosting of those servers; that is your responsibility.

The site we point to MUST comply with our content guidelines and terms of service!

Pricing: $5 / month or $50 / year

Availability: NOW